Weeping Bottlebrush

The Weeping Bottlebrush is one of my favorite flowering trees. These images were taken in the University of Malaga Botanical Garden in Southern Spain.

The largest of this tree species that I have found was about 40 feet tall (near the Picasso gardens in Malaga). The bottlebrush shaped flowers grow out of a series of knobs that form on the end of the branches.

After the flowering season the red bristles fall off but the knobs stay on the branch. As the branch continues to grow the old knobs move farther and farther away from the end of the branch. If you follow the branches back from their ends you will find several years of previous flower knobs still present.

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  1. I do like trees, and so I came to browse your online forest. This bottle brush tree is very unique, and pretty. I've never seen anything quite like it (although I have seen baby bottle brushes). I didn't know they grew on trees!

  2. My neighbor has a weeping bottlebrush tree, about 15 feet high. It is a bit messy but attracts loads of hummingbirds I watch from my window.

  3. how long does a plant takes to grow into tree???

    i like this tree but don't know info. about it

  4. Depending on the climate the Weeping bottlebrush will most likely grow to be a large shrub.