Ceiba Pubiflora

I have been unable to find a common name for this tree in English. In Spanish it is called the "Palo Borracho Rosado" which means something like "Drunk Pink Pole". The tree is native to Paraguay and Brazil. I took these pictures in Malaga, Spain quite near to the entrance of the port in a garden that the locals call "Paseo del Parque" (a sign in the park reads "Jardines de Muñoz de Grain"). At any rate this park has a collection of trees and plants that rivals many botanical gardens.A sign at the base of this tree last year indicated that it was Chorisia Speciosa but it has recently been replaced with a new sign that gives the species as Ceiba Pubiflora. The two trees have a lot in common but are not identical. For one the thorns (spikes) on the C. Pubiflora are a lot smaller than those of the Chorisia Speciosa or Chorisia Insignis. From a distance the flowers look very similar also but up close the differences can be easily seen.


  1. These pictures look really great! Could you post more pictures of the whole tree.

  2. I´ve added another post with a few more pictures of the Cieba Pubiflora tree.

  3. Hola Dan,
    si vives en españa, supongo que hablas español. es increible, pero cierto: ayer jueves 6. dic. estuvimos paseando por malaga, tambien por el paseo del parque, y vi ese arbol tan increible CEIBA PUBIFLORA. le hice varias fotos y cuando llegue a casa busque en internet mas info sobre la ceiba pubiflora, y que sorpresa, alli habia una foto tuya de la ceiba, casi identica a la mia, y hecha justo una semana antes. no podia creermelo...
    por cierto, tus fotos y articulos me gustan mucho

  4. Si, hablo español. Me gusta mucho el Paseo del Parque aqui en Malaga. La semana pasada encontre seis de estos arboles (Ceiba Pubiflora) en la zona del parque. Por su tamaño tienen que haber sido plantados alli hace bastante tiempo.

  5. Apparently it's a 'silk floss' or 'floss silk' tree in English.

    Thanks for the pix!

  6. I am very sure that this tree is NOT the Silk Floss tree. I have photographed many Silk Floss trees in detail and this tree has similarities but is a different species.

  7. I have been growing a "mystery Ceiba" for years, and it has finally flowered. It turns out it is Ceiba publiflora. Thanks very much for the information and photos. Here is a photo of the first flower, not yet fully opened:


    Barry Stock
    Hollywood, Florida, USA
    Moderator, Big Leaf Tropicals

  8. Solo quiero decir que tambien crece en la provincia Argentina de Misiones!

    un saludo!