Purple Orchid tree - bauhinia purpurea

I had previously identified this tree as a Bauhinia Tomentosa but I am now thinking that it is a Bauhinia Purpurea. I am not 100% sure on this though so if anyone out there thinks I´ve wrongly identified it I´d like to know.
This tree is the only one of this species that I have found. Its close relative the Bauhinia Blakeana on the other hand is very common in this area (Malaga, Spain)
The branches of the Purple Orchid tree hang down giving a vine like appearance.

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  1. Dan, do you know what tree is in flower at the moment in Malaga - purple flowers but no foliage? Just got back from a visit and saw all these wonderful street trees but don't know what they are. Like your blog - beautiful pics.

  2. I believe the tree you are referring to is the Jacaranda. They range in color from blue to light purple and they do loose their foliage before their first flowering period. Later in the year they will flower a second time but with the foliage.

  3. Really good blog! Maybe add some interesting facts though !!