Sacred Fig

The Sacred Fig tree (Ficus Religiosa) is a member of the Ficus genus (figs). It is revered as a holy tree in India where it goes by the name Pipal tree and several other Asian countries. It has a unique leaf shape that gives it a value as an ornamental tree. The leaves quake in the wind in a similar way to Poplar trees or Quaking Aspen.

The fruit of the Sacred Fig are little (1cm) "figs" that are not edible (at least I don´t think they are??). These little figs turn a dark purple-brown color when they are ripe and end up falling to the ground. This can cause quite a mess under the tree when all the little figs lay roting on the ground.
The Sacred Fig tree also has a unique trunk shape. Instead of being evenly round in its diameter the trunk is folded and irregular as you can see in the picture below.
Simalar trees...
Ficus Benjamina


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