Hong Kong Orchid

The Hong Kong Orchid tree is an extravagant ornamental tree with pink and white orchid like flowers. When the tree is in bloom it is a very beautiful sight.

The scientific name for this tree is Bauhinia blakeana. It is not a very large tree, the largest that I have seen is about 20 ft tall.

Another tree from the Bauhinia genus that I have found is the Purple Orchid tree.

The images below are of some different color variations that I have found of this tree and its sister species.

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  1. There is an orchid tree (I have one myself), down the street from me that is a monster. Easily 30 ft. tall and spreads probably 60 ft. wide. Literally swallows their back yard, not unlike live oaks.

    location: Seminole, Florida, just east of Indian Shores, Fl, along the gulf...

    I'm tempted to ask how they got theirs so large, as this entire area was nothing more than orange groves up to the mid 50's.....

  2. PLEASE HELP ! !I want to purchase B.blakeana, NOT B.purpurea,,can someone PLEASE tell me how i may tell them apart,,maybe the leaves are a little different? or, leaf shape,arrangement,,The one i am considering is not bloooming right now,,anyone? joshua64@sbcglobal.net

  3. need help, read how these orchid trees can live in cold climates, but a recent cold snap in florida, took mine from blooming beautifully to leaves turning brown and blooms dying off. what should i do to try to bring it back ?