Eucalyptus torquata - Coral Gum Tree

I found this tree in the University of Malaga botanical garden.
While not as large as some of the other Eucalyptus trees that have been introduced from Australia it has one of the most striking flowers.
I kept going back to this tree for about a month trying to get the best images of its remarkable flowers.

information and resources on Eucalyptus cultivation around the worldThis tree had been identified as a Eucalyptus ficifolia but my friend Gus at Eucalyptologics provided the proper identification as a Eucalyptus torcata which is commonly called the Coral Gum. If you are interested in the cultivation of Eucalyptus trees outside of Australia you should check out his blog that is loaded with information and resources on Eucalyptus cultivation around the world.

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  1. Hey Dan :)

    The Eucalyptus tree you found at Malaga is a nice specimen of E. torquata, the Coral Gum.

    I have some images and data on this one and Corymbia ficifolia at EUCALYPTOLOGICS: Rare Mediterranean Eucalyptus just in case it can help comparison.

    No matter what, a beauty of a tree.