Complete index of trees profiled

The following is a list of all the trees that I have profiled to date. I update this post each time I add a new tree so don´t give too much credence to the date. I have listed the trees by their common names in alphabetical order and each name is also a link to the post about that tree species. Each post consists of a series of images that will help identify the tree as well as some observations that I have made about the tree and the location where the pictures were taken.

African Tulip tree
Aleppo pine
Atlas Cedar
Australian silver-oak
Avocado tree
Banyan trees
Blue Jacaranda
Bottlebrush tree
Boxelder Maple
Bunya Bunya
Bush Kurrajong
Canary Island Palm
Canary Island Pine
Carob tree
Cedar of Lebanon
Ceiba pubiflora
Cherry Blossoms
Chinese fan palm
Coastal Redwood
Cockspur Coral tree
Common Horse Chestnut
Cork Oak
Council tree (Ficus Altissima)
Date Palm
Dragon´s blood tree
Edible Fig (Ficus Carica)
Empress of China
Eucalyptus torquata
European Yew
European redbud
False Aralia
Ficus benjamina
Fiddle leaf fig
Field Elm
Flame tree leaves
Giant Sequoia
Ginkgo biloba
Ginkgo Petrified Forest
Himalayan Cedar
Holm Oak
Hong Kong Orchid tree
Huge Cedar Stump
Illawara Flame tree
Indian Bean tree
Kafferboom Coral tree
Lacebark Kurrajong
Little Kurrajong
Legend of the Ceibo
Madagascar palm
Malabar Chestnut
Mexican Blue Palm
Monkey puzzle tree
Montpellier Maple
Norfolk Island Pine
Norfolk vs. Cook Pine
Olive tree
Pecan tree
Pedunculate oak
Persian lilac
Persian Silk tree
Pine nuts
Ponderosa Pine
Ponytail Palm
Portuguese Oak
Purple Orchid tree
Rosewood - Tipuana tipu
Rubber tree
Sacred Chestnut
Sacred Fig
Southern Magnolia
Saucer magnolia
Schefflera Arboricola
Silk Floss Tree
Snowflake aralia
Spanish Fir
Strawberry tree
Sweet Chestnut
Umbrella tree
Weeping Bottlebrush tree
Weeping Willow
Western Redcedar
Where does cork come from?
White popinac tree
White Bird of Paradise
White Silk Floss tree
Yakusugi Cedar

Here are a few other sites where I have posted more images and information about trees...
Palm Tree Species
Bonsai Species
Evergreen Species
Ten Thousand Trees

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