Kafferboom tree - Erythrina caffra

The Kafferboom tree or Coastal Coral tree (Erythrina caffra) is one of the family of tree species often referred to as "coral trees". Some other Coral trees are the Common Coral tree and the Cockspur Coral tree. It is valued as an ornamental for its bright red dramatic flowers.
The new branches of the Kafferboom tree have small, sharp thorns similar to those of a rosebush. As the branches age and grow these thorns wear off. The image below illustrates the texture and color of the mature bark.

As the deep red leaflets develop and form they gradually unfold forward until all of the individual petals are fully formed. A great site to learn more about Coral trees is... http://waynesword.palomar.edu/coraltr1.htm

The leaves are trifoliate (three leaflets) with a ovate shape. They have a rounded base, an acuminate tip and and entire margin. The venation is arcuate and the leaf color is light green.

The seed pods of this species of coral tree have a curious form that seems to be connected to the branch at both ends. I don´t have a picture of them but this tree is known to have very pretty shiny red seeds that are used for necklaces and other ornaments.

Other member of the coral tree family are the Erythrina Crista-galli, the Erythrina lysistemon.

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  1. Am trying to find out the same thing. Our coral tree suddendly started bleeding at the base of one of its main branches. Have you any ideas yet