Chinese rain tree - Koelreuteria elegans

The Chinese rain tree (species name: Koelreuteria elegans) is a cousin of the Goldenrain tree. These two tree species have very similar and distinctive looking seed pods as seen in the image above.
The leaves of the Chinese rain tree are even-pinnate with individual leaflets having a lanceolate to acuminate shape with a serrate margin and a pinnate venation.
This native Taiwanese tree, like its cousin, it used as an ornamental street tree in the warmer sub-tropical zones of the world. This particular tree is in the botanical garden of the University of Malaga in southern Spain.

The seed pods are in clusters at the terminal tips of the branches as seen above.


  1. Interesting post. I did a posting on the Koelreuteria bipinnate last year. There are lots of photos if you want to compare foliage.

  2. This is one of my favourites ... such a beautiful tree. Enjoyed your photos and info!

  3. my father would love to see how to videos on planting this trees..he loves plants a lot..both of my parents actually

  4. I have started some seedlings and am wondering how to keep these little seeds growning. Let me know with any suggestions.