The Importance of Trees

There are many ways in which trees can be valuable to us and to the environment as a whole. Here are a few of them...
  • Trees provide food for us to eat. There are species of trees that provide fruit, nuts, starch, Olive oil etc.
  • Trees provide sweets for us to eat as well. Chocolate comes from the Cocoa tree. Maple syrup is from the Sugar maple tree.
  • Trees are used to make juices such as Apple, Orange, Lemon etc.
  • Trees are used to make hot drinks. Coffee and Cocoa trees are the most well known but others such as the Linden are used for herbal teas.
  • Trees provide spices to flavor our food and drinks with such as Cinnamon or Cloves.
  • Trees are used to make fragrances. Mahogany is used as a base note in a good number of perfumes. Bay leaf or Cypress are used in the middle notes while trees such as Eucalyptus or Lemon are used in the top notes.
  • Trees are the source of essential oils. Sweet Orange, Cedarwood or Blue Gum are sources of important essential oils.
  • Trees are the source of medicines. A few medicinal trees are the Benjamin, Camphor or Rauwolfia.
  • Trees are used in toothpaste. Natural XYLITOL from Birch trees is used in Squigle toothpaste.
  • Paper is made from trees. The pulp that paper is made from comes mostly from softwood trees such as Poplar, Pine, Larch etc. With this would be included cardboard, carton, etc.
  • Trees are also the source of rubber. Although the Ficus Elastica is called the rubber tree most rubber is made from the sap (called Latex) of the Para Rubber tree (Hevea brasiliensis).
  • Trees are used to make soap. Olive, Argan, Coconut, Cocoa and Brazilnut oil are all used to make hand soaps. One of the earliest trees used in the making of soap was the Cassia tree.
  • Trees are also used in cosmetics make things such as exfoliators, lotions or toners.
  • Trees are used in tattooing. Henna from Lawsonia inermis has been used for body art for thousands of years.
  • Trees are used in aromatherapy. The Bergamot orange (Citrus aurantium ssp. bergamia) or Lemon scented gum (Corymbia citriodora) trees are fine examples.
  • Trees are used to make musical instruments. One of the secrets of the violin resides in the wood it is made of. Spruce and Maple are two of the key woods.
  • Trees are used to make tools. Many different hardwoods such as Oak are used to make axe and spade handles.
  • Trees are used for firewood and cooking charcoal. The harder the wood the longer and hotter it burns. Holm oak is a great example.
  • Trees are used to make homes and shelters for people and animals. Wherever trees are readily available they have been used to make homes and shelters. In the northwest United States Western Redcedar or Ponderosa Pine are used as timber for construction.
  • Trees are used to make liquor. In Spain the acorns of Oak trees are used to make Acorn liquor.
  • Trees are used to make clothing. In primitive tribal societies in Papua New Guinea the bark of several tree species was pounded into a thin semi-flexible cloth and made into skits and capes. Large leaves are also used to cover certain body parts by tucking the leaves into a belt.
  • Baskets can be made from trees. One example is small baskets made from pine needles.
  • Trees are used to make furniture. Pine and Fir wood is favored by the Northern Europeans while Oak, Beech or Walnut is used in countries such as Germany and Switzerland.
  • Trees are an important source of shade. Some Ficus species provide an almost total blockage of the sunlight while others such as the Persian Lilac or Blue Jacaranda provide a more pleasant shade.
  • Trees are used to make rafts, canoes and other small boats. Birch bark was used by native Americans on their canoes. The bark was stretched over a wood frame that was sometimes made of cedar.
  • Trees are used in hunting. Yew trees have long been used for making hunting bows. Trees have also been used bow hunters who stand in elevated platforms to wait for their prey to pass. Young trees have also been used to make traps.
  • Trees are used to make fences. Apart from fence post in Europe some tree species such as Holm oak or Ash are planted long fence lines to support and form part of the fence as living fence posts.
  • Trees are used to as ornamental trees to beautify gardens, avenues and parks. The London plane is the arch-typical urban tree while trees such as the common cypress have been used to make tree "sculptures".
  • Trees are important because they clean the air we breath. Many people don´t realize that the substance that trees are mostly made of (the carbon) comes not from the ground but from the air. Trees convert CO2 into oxygen that we need to breath.
  • Trees stabilize hillsides and keep top soil from being washed away.
  • Trees scrub carbon from the air and help store it.
  • Trees help keep river courses from eroding into banks.
  • Trees provide food and shelter to many species of birds and animals.
  • Trees have important roles in many religious belief systems. Buddha is associated with the Sacred Fig tree.
  • Trees are important national, state and local symbols. The Oak of Guernica is a very important symbol for the Basque people for example.
  • Trees are historical landmarks.
  • Trees stabilize the environment.
  • Trees are used to make paper for books, magazines and newspapers.
  • Trees are used to make artifacts and carvings. Carvings of masks, figurines, animals, idols, etc are common in most native cultures.
  • Trees are used to make shoes. In Northern Europe wooden shoes called "Clogs" are made from Willow, Poplar, Birch, Beech and Alderwood.
  • Trees have been used to make airplanes. The famous "Spruce Goose" giant airplane that is now on display at the Evergreen Aviation and Space museum in Oregon is made almost entirely of wood.
  • The ground shells of the Black Walnut tree are used as a polishing abrasive and as an additive in well-drilling mud.
  • There are trees that improve soil quality and can be used as natural crop boosters two examples are Cajanus cajan or Gliricidia sepium.
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