Candler Oak - Live Oak (Quercus virginiana)

The Candler Oak is a large old "Live Oak" (species: Quercus virginiana) located in Savannah, Georgia.

The newspaper image below is from Harper´s Weekly, January 14, 1865 when General Sherman captured Savannah. I´m not sure but I believe that the tree in the images is the Candler Oak.

The History of the Chandler Oak tree
  • 1730 Candler Live oak starts to grow (approx. date)
  • 1791 Georgia State Legislature grants land surrounding the mighty oak to be used for a seaman’s hospital
  • 1803 hospital constructed and and remains in use until 1818.
  • 1819 construction of the Savannah Poor House and Hospital on the land
  • 1854 Hospital converted into the headquarters for the Medical College of Georgia.
  • 1861 the hospital was used by the Confederacy during the Civil War.
  • 1864 General Sherman captures Savannah and uses the hospital to treat his own soldiers and constructed a barricade around the tree to house wounded Confederate prisoners.
  • 1930 site returned to service as the Warren A. Candler Hospital.
  • 1980 Huntingdon II, Ltd. purchased the building where community health care organizations continued to operate until 2000.
  • 1982 first preservation project of Savannah Tree Foundation initiated to save this historic tree which was under considerable stress and was not expected to survive more than another 20 years.
  • 1984 A 6,804 square foot easement was established to protect the Candler Oak, which made history by being the first conservation easement on a single tree in the nation.
  • 1985 asphalt was removed from the root area to revive the tree and a comprehensive schedule of maintenance.
  • 2001 Candler Oak designated a Georgia Landmark and Historic Tree by the Georgia Urban Forest Council.
  • 2004 Candler Oak nominated to the National Register of Historic Trees by American Forests
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According to the sign at the site of the tree the Candler Oak is estimated to be 270 years old, have a spread of 107 feet, a circumference of 16 feet and a height of 50 feet.


  1. Barry - thanks for catching my error. The correct name is in fact "Candler". I´ve edited the post to correct the error.

  2. Just left the tree. It's awesome and I don't believe I'll see anything like it again. I was humbled.

  3. Just visited Savannah and saw this amazing tree. When I pulled my car up near it...the radio turned on all by itself!!!

  4. Really thought it was older than that. Great that it was saved. Tourist are amazed at itssize and age.