Tree Aid - Improving the quality of life in rural Africa

I recently came across the website of a non-profit organization by the name of "Tree Aid". This organization has been working in Africa’s rural drylands, in some of the poorest regions of Burkina Faso, Ethiopia, Ghana and Mali, where forestry centered development interventions can alleviate poverty sustainability.

"TREE AID" is helping villagers in Africa to learn how to use and care for their trees, to know what to sell and how to sell it, learn to build and run a business so they can be self-reliant" - Zoe Wanamaker CBE
I am impressed by the idea behind TREE AID and I find it to be a convincing way to improve the basic quality of life for rural African communities. When trees area properly cared for they can be a sustainable source of food, medicines, essential oils, shade, firewood etc. A community without trees is a community without hope.

In support of TREE AID I am going to place this banner in the left column of this blog with a link to their website. I would encourage anyone interested to check this interesting organization out.

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