Tallest Hardwood Tree in the World

A new champion hardwood tree has recently been discovered in Tasmania, Australia. Standing at 101 meters tall the newly found Giant has been named "Centurion". The tree is a "Swamp Gum" (Eucalyptus regnans) and was discovered by Tasmanian forestry staff using an airbord "LIDAR" laser scanner.

While this tree is not the tallest tree in the world it is the tallest hardwood, the tallest flowering tree and the tallest tree in Australia. The world´s tallest tree is a Coastal Redwood by the name of "Hyperion" which is 114 meters (379 feet) tall. After the Coastal Redwood the Eucalyptus regnans in the world´s next tallest tree species.

The "Centurion" tree in Tasmania is located just 5 km from the Tahune airwalk. The discovery of this tree has been very exciting for forestry officials in Australia as it is the only hardwood tree in the world that stands more than 100 meters tall.

Other tall "Swamp Gum" trees in Australia are...

Icarus Dream - 97 meters
Mount Tree - 96 meters
Damocles - 93 meters
Medusa - 92 meters


  1. Ok guys dont cut this one down ok?

  2. In the 50's I worked cutting timber at the head of the Denison River, north of Huonville. We often cut swampies over 90 metres.(295 ft.)
    Regards, Tony Gilbert.