Clarabelle - Brachychiton discolor x acerifolius

The "Clarabelle" is a naturally occurring hybrid tree species that is a cross between Brachychiton discolor and Brachychiton acerifolius. These trees are native to Australia but are widely planted as ornamental urban trees in the south of Spain where these pictures were taken.
The bell shaped flowers are slightly smaller than those of b.discolor but a good deal bigger than those of b.acerifolius. Like the b.discolor they have two tones of color on the exterior of the bell shape. The flower buds are similar in shape and color the the b.discolor but lack the fuzzy exterior.
The shape and size of the "Clarabelle´s" seed pods is almost identical to those of the b.discolor but the color is more similar to the b.acerifolius and here again the fuzzy exterior of the b.discolor is not present (although on some trees there is a slight hint of the fuzziness).

The image above is of a new seed pod starting to form while the image below is of fully mature seed pods with the seeds exposed. These seeds are encased with a very fine hairy substance that can leave tiny little "slivers" embedded into your fingers if you tree and extract the seeds with your bare hands. These seeds are reputed to be edible.

The leaf shape of the "Clarabelle" is quite similar to the b.acerifolius which are quite a bit larger than those of the b.discolor. The leaves are about 9-12 inches across.
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  1. What a cool blog! I found it searching for care tips on my new Ficus benjamina. It's a fussy little thing.

    Are those Clarabelle trees very invasive in Spain? They look like they have quite a few seeds there.

  2. None of the Brachychitons that have been planted as urban trees in the south of Spain show any signs of being invasive.

  3. Hi Dan,

    Much as i think your photos are outstanding in micro detail, I'm disappointed that none of your brachychiton blogs have any shots of the entire specimen

  4. Hi!
    I appreciate any your help in identification of this tree
    three next photos also are this species.
    looking at your photos here I hope this is the same hybrid Brachychiton.


  5. I believe that the tree in your picture is Lacebark Kurrajong - Brachychiton populneus.

    Lacebark Kurrajong

  6. Dan,
    thank you a lot. I spent many month thying to identify this tree. perhaps you can help me with some other plants in this album, there're some Acacia related trees

  7. Image 33 (of 37) in your album is a "White Popinac" - Leucaena leucocephala.


    White popinac tree