50 American State Trees Trivia

Did you know that there are only 39 state tree species that compromise the 50 official state trees? This is due to the fact that some of the official state trees species are shared by more than one state.

The Sugar Maple (Acer saccharum) is the state tree of no less than FOUR states! New York, Vermont, West Virginia, and Wisconsin all have the Sugar Maple as their state tree.

In addition there are three more tree species that are each claimed by three different states.

- Indiana, Kentucky and Tennessee have the Tulip Poplar as their state tree.
- Connecticut, Illinois and Maryland have the White Oak as their state tree.
- Missouri, New Jersey and Virginia have the Flowering Dogwood as their state tree.

Five more trees are shared claimed by two different states

- Colorado and Utah have the Blue Spruce as their state tree.
- North Dakota, Massachusettshave the American Elm as their state tree.
- Florida, South Carolina have the Cabbage Palmetto as their state tree.
- Kansas,Nebraska have the Eastern Cottonwood as their state tree.
- Maine, Michigan have the Eastern White Pine as their state tree.

Mississippi has the Southern Magnolia as its state tree and Louisiana as the State Flower.

Three states have two official state trees.

- California (Giant Sequoia and Coastal Redwood)

- Nevada (Singleleaf Pinyon and Bristlecone Pine)

- New Jersey (Red Oak is the official tree and Flowering Dogwood is the memorial tree)

19 States have Evergreen conifers as their state trees

-10 are Pine trees
-4 are Spruce trees
-2 are Hemlocks
-1 is Redwood
-1 is a Douglas Fir
-1 is a Cypress

6 States have Oak trees

5 States have Maple trees

2 States have Cottonwoods

2 States have palm trees

Only one State has a fruit tree as the state tree (Texas - Pecan)

No state has the Western Red Cedar as its official state tree

There are no true firs (genus Abies) among the state trees (Douglas Fir is not a true fir)

All 39 official state tree species...

American Elm (2) Massachusetts, North Dakota

American Holly Delaware

Bald Cypress Louisiana

Blue Paloverde Arizona

Blue Spruce(2) Colorado, Utah

Bristlecone Pine Nevada

Cabbage Palmetto (2) Florida , South Carolina

Douglas Fir Oregon

Eastern Cottonwood (2) Kansas,Nebraska

Eastern Hemlock Pennsylvania

Eastern Redbud Oklahoma

Eastern White Pine (2) Maine, Michigan

Flowering Dogwood (3) Missouri, New Jersey, Virginia

Giant Sequoia California

Kukui Hawaii

Live Oak Georgia

Loblolly Pine Arkansas

Longleaf Pine North Carolina

Northern Red Oak New Jersey

Oak tree Iowa

Ohio Buckeye Ohio

Paper Birch New Hampshire

Pecan Texas

Pinyon Pine New Mexico

Plains Cottonwood Wyoming

Ponderosa Pine Montana

Redwood California

Red Maple Rhode Island

Red Pine Minnesota

Singleleaf Pinyon Nevada

Sitka Spruce Alaska

Southern Longleaf Pine Alabama

Southern Magnolia Mississippi

Sugar Maple (4) New York, Vermont, West Virginia, Wisconsin

Tulip Poplar (3) Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee

Western Hemlock Washington

Western White Pine Idaho

White Oak (3) Connecticut, Illinois, Maryland

White Spruce South Dakota

Non-State territories official trees...

District of Columbia - scarlet oak (Quercus coccinea)

Puerto Rico - Ceiba or Kapok (Ceiba pentandra)

Guam – Ifil (Intsia bijuga)

Bonus: Did you know that the United States has a National Tree? The Oak tree (no species specified) is the national tree.

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