Field Elm - Ulmus minor

Ulmus minor leafA tree native to southern Europe the Field Elm (Ulmus minor) has a wide range of subspecies and hybrids. The images in this post come from two different trees. The first is of a mature Field Elm was photographed in the "Quinta del la fuente del Berro" botanical park in Madrid. The second is a young Field Elm in the botanical garden of the University of Malaga.
Ulmus minor branchThese trees are quite commonly used in Madrid as an urban tree that can be found along many streets and avenues.
While the native range of this tree is southern Europe it can be found in natural habitat as far away as Asia minor.
Mature Ulmus minor treeThe Field Elm can grow quite large. The image above from a botanical park in Madrid is of a tree that has a trunk about one meter in diameter.


  1. I have a question not relating to Elm... but want to find out if anyone knows of the "Lihue" tree? Has a fragrant yellow-whitish small blossom and very unusual sticky red seeds that's split open? I've seen lots of them here in San Francisco but can't find any info on them on the internet or pictures. I'm pretty sure it's the Lihue tree. Was told it grows in the hilly high altitudes of Hawaii but also on the city streets of SF!

    Please post any comments re: this. Thanks!

  2. I´ve never heard of the "Lihue" tree (although I think this name refers to a place in Hawaii). There are lots of trees with red seeds. Here is a link to a tree that has seeds the "split open"

    If this is not it send me a picture and I´ll post it to see if anyone can identify it. Send it to me at...
    treespecies at gmail dot com