European Redbud - Cercis siliquastrum

This beautiful flowering tree is also often called the Judas tree. It is native to Southern Europe.
Most of the trees that I have seen have not been more than10-12 feet tall except for one in Ronda, Spain that was about 20 ft tall. When this tree is in bloom it is a mass of brightly colored flowers.
The common name for this tree in Spanish is "Arbol del Amor" which means the love tree. I think this name comes from heart shaped leaf.After the flowers fall they are replaced by redish seedpods that slowly turn a dark almost black color. These seed pods stay on the tree all year and are often still on the tree when the next years blossoms bloom. When the leaves fall all that is left on the tree are the clusters of seedpods which leaves it rather sinister looking.

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    This is VERY important to my family, my dog, and I to know.