Silver maple leaf

Tree species: Acer Saccharinum  -  Silver maple

Acer saccharinum laciniatum-leaves

  • Shape: palmate (5 lobes)
  • Margin: serrate
  • Venation: palmate
  • Size: 8 - 16 cm
  • Petiole: 5-13 cm
  • Color: green
Alternate common names..
  • creek maple 
  • river maple 
  • silverleaf maple 
  • soft maple 
  • water maple 
  • white maple


  1. Dear author of this blog.

    I really like the photograph of the silver maple leaf. Did you take this picture? I would like to use it, but I need to know who the copyright holder is.

    Many Thanks!

  2. Well silver maples are one Best trees who give Perfect View To any Property. They bring us Fresh Natural air whit is the Best we can get on life

  3. Thanks for this entry! I was able to use it to answer my question-to-self about a leaf. Here's my post, crediting you. Keep up the good work.