American Sweetgum flowers - male and female

 The inflorescence of American Sweetgum tree (Liquidambar styraciflua) are paired male and female flowers growing in close proximity to each other.  In the image above as well as in several of the images below the upright male flower "raceme" (red color) and the hanging female flower (cream color) can be clearly seen.

In the image below the new flowers can be seen beside several of the previous years spiky seed pods.

The star shaped leaves of the American Sweetgum are seen unfolding as well.


  1. Wonderful photos of the flowers, not always easy to see the flowers...but we all see the fruit!

  2. But seeds from previous year is not in the pod?

  3. Seeds generally fall out of the pod once it opens and are dispersed by the wind. Also, many bird species eat the seeds so chances are the pods are empty or mostly so.