Western hemlock tree

 The Western hemlock tree featured in this post is from the Finch arboretum in Spokane Washington.  The Western hemlock is one of the more common evergreen tree species in the Pacific Northwest.  One way to tell this tree from other tree species in an evergreen forest is by observing the top of the tree.  The Western hemlock, unlike other conifers, has a rather floppy top.

 The seed cones of the Western hemlock are rather small, measuring only about 2cm ( a little less than an inch) across.
 The leaves are needle-like although somewhat flat.
 The image below gives a pretty good idea of the branch structure of the Western hemlock.

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  1. I've been to the Olympic Peninsula of Washington state on several occasions and seen some of the largest on the planet. Unbelievable how large they can get given the opportunity and time!