Types of Inflorescence

An "inflorescence" is a cluster of flowers arranged on a branched stem structure.  There are a number of distinct types of inflorescence.  I´ve included ten basic ones here although there are additional ones that are variants of some of the ones shown in the image below.  The types of inflorescence that I have included in the graphic are
  1.  Solitary
  2. Spike
  3. Spadix
  4. Raceme
  5. Cyme
  6. Umbel
  7. Compound umbel
  8. Corymb
  9. Panicle
  10. Capitulum
I do not know for sure whether or not all of these diverse flower forms are found on trees.  Given the many species of trees in the world I think that it is likely.  some of these forms however may be much more common in smaller plants.

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