First Fruits of the Fig Tree - Breva crop

 The Common Fig (Ficus Carica) tree produces two crops of figs each year.  The first crop, which grows on the previous years shoot growth is called the "breva" crop (from the Spanish term) or the "First Fruits" crop.  In Italian these first figs are called "Fioroni".  These first fruits of the fig tree are larger than the normal figs and often present with a different color.  They are also less sweet and a bit dryer.  They are however prized for their size which can approach that of a medium sized pear.  "Brevas" are usually harvested between June and July while the main crop is harvested in August and September.  The main crop of figs grows in the current years shoot growth.

It is not uncommon to see the main crop of figs growing while the Breva figs are ripe for harvest.  In the top image of this post you can see how the Breva fig is growing from the previous years branch growth and the newer main crop is growing on the new branch shoot.


  1. It appears that there are several different types of fig trees. Is the Ficus Carica a species, or is it a genus with several different subspecies? If it is a genus, which is the species you describe in this article?


  2. Ficus carica is a species in the "Ficus" genus. The tree in this blog post is not about a subspecies but rather about an aspect of the Ficus carica relating to its double yearly crop of figs. This is the tree species commonly called "Edible fig" which is the one used for commercially grown figs worldwide. I suppose it is likely that there are sub-species or cultivars of the Ficus carica species but I am not familiar with them at this time.

  3. Thank you for the response. I agree with the first poster, Scott; it is a good explanation. Thanks again!

  4. A prophecy in the Old Testament refers to the destruction of Nineveh as compared to the first fruits of figs being eaten. The pictures you posted make it easy to see why the first ripe figs would fall easily compared to the later crop.

  5. Dear Sir

    I am a fig farmer from Australia. I have written an article about Jesus and the fig tree in the Bible.

    Is it possible to use the first photo (of your blog) on my website called “thefigfarmer” untill I produce my own photos next season. (I am trying to show the difference between breba figs and main crop figs)

    I would like to apologise for using your photo without your permission. However I put your link to it to acknowledge your ownership of the photo.

    Many thanks and God bless

    Nader Mikhaiel

  6. 20121112.0730

    When does a fig tree not have leaves? I know that in summer, it is the fruiting season and there are leaves. Does a fig tree shed its leaves during winter that in spring, the leaf buds develop? Thanks.

  7. Bob
    I planted a fig tree 2 years ago and no fruit yet. When can I expect fruit?

  8. The genus is Ficus and the particular species within that genus is carica. All the various fig tree varieties are cultivars of this particular species via artificial selection (selective breeding for desirable traits)

  9. Hi, I was searching for pictures to show the reason Jesus curse the Fig Tree. Thank to you pictures. It really make it so easy for me. visit my site to see your pictures posted there. God bless you. - cat: Sermon recap from New Creation Church, Singapore.