Harry Potter Tree look alike

Do you remember the tree in one of the Harry Potter films that was alive and had these long, wicked looking arms that swung around and almost did Harry in?

Well, I recently came across a tree near Segovia, Spain that reminded me of the Harry Potter tree. It´s not quite a big or as old but the "arms" and gnarly clumps at the end of the arms look just like the ones I remember in the film.

What do you think?


  1. definitely a resemblance there! thats wicked...great find :) except don't go to near to it...it might hit you ;)

  2. a great find!! do u know what it is called?

  3. Its a pollarded Horse Chestnut . Aesculus hippocastanum .

  4. WOW !!!
    Great Tree.
    really like in the HP movie.

  5. It's a matter of how they trim them. In winter, they cut off all the long, skinny branches and just leave lumpy fists at the ends of the big branches. In Springtime it starts all over.