The Great Oaks of Jauntsarats, Navarra

In the small town of Jauntsarats, Navarra there are several of the largest Oak trees of the Iberian peninsula. Navarra is an autonomous region in the north of Spain. Juantsarats is a very small town with a walking path (1.8 km) that leads visitors to various mightly, old Oak trees. The image above is of the largest Oak along the path. A sign by the tree gives it the name "Roble Kisulabe-ko Haritza". "Roble" is the Spanish word for "Oak". "Haritza" is the Basque word for Oak but I don´t know the meaning of "Kisulabe-ko" although I am pretty sure it is a Basque word as well.
This Great Oak of Jauntsarats has a trunk diameter of 3.53 meters and circumferance of 10.1 meters (at 1.5 meters off the ground). It´s crown is 12.2 metets accross and the tree is 11.6 meters tall. This aged giant is slowely dying of old age, it is likely more than 500 years old. Below is a picture of the sign showing the pathway to see the great trees.

The second largest of the great oaks is not as stout but stands considerably taller. At 1.5 meters off the ground its diameter is 2.75 meters and its circumferance is 8.7 meters. This Oak stands 29.1 meters tall. The image below does not show it but this tree has a large hollow on the other side.

Both of these large Oaks are of the Oak tree species Quercus robur which is commonly known as Pedunculate Oak.


  1. very nice. such a beautiful green!

  2. Ive written a story for my son enlikening him to be like an oak tree so that he will always feel strong and confident to embrace both the joyful and hard moments of his life with the truths of who he is and whom he is known and loved by.. through the metaphor of the oak. He was only 5 years old when I first prayed for him to be this in his heart and mind and now he is 11 and I am making him this book of truths.

    my son is Francis a kind, strong and gentle, compassionate , gracious, loving, loved, intuitively wise beyond his years, and a deeply caring old soul.

    mother of Francis.