White Sapote - Casimiroa edulis

I came across this White Sapote tree (scientific name:Casimiroa edulis or zapote Blanco in Spanish). The leaves of the tree palmate with pronounced darker gree veins on the newer leaves. The leaflets were about 4-5 inches long and had smooth margins.
I believe this tree is fairly representative of a full size tree. It stood about 5-6 meters (20-25 feet) tall. I don´t think that I would have been able to identify the tree had it not been for the sign at the base that gave its identity away. According to the sign this tree is native to Southern Mexico and central America.
The fruit of the White Sapote is a "drupe" that measure about 4-6 cm in diameter with a dark green exterior until ripe.
If this tree was at all representative of its species they do not seem to produce an abundance of fruit. There may have been about 50 fruits growing on the tree.


  1. They get bigger than that. There's a larger specimen at Flamingo Gardens here in South Florida. Fruit set would probably be improved by another tree nearby. The fruit, when ripe, is delicious, like a pear, and apparently when eaten in quantity will cause one to fall asleep, due to the chemical casimiroin. The seeds look like giant orange seeds, and they are in the same family, the Rutaceae

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