National Tree of Spain??

¿Tiene España un arbol nacional?

While looking up the national trees of various countries I was surprised to find that I could find nothing for the country of Spain. I could be wrong but the fact of the matter is that Spain may not have a national tree as an emblem.

There are trees that are important symbols regionally

In Madrid there is the Madroño or Strawberry tree (arbutus unedo). If you have ever seen the symbol of the bear standing on its hind legs leaning against a small tree - the tree is the Madroño.

In Málaga there is the Pinsapo or Spanish fir (abies pinsapo). These sightly fir trees only grow in the wild in a small area of the Sierra de las Nieves near Ronda.

In the Basque Country there is the Oak (Quercus robur) The Oak tree of Guernica has been an important symbol for at least 300 years.

In Extremadura there is the Encina or Holm Oak (quercus ilex)

In Jaen there is the Olive tree. When driving through the region of Jean there are places where all you can see is Olive trees all the way to the horizon in every direction as if you were in the middle of a sea of Olive trees.

In the Canary Islands there is the Drago (dracaena draco)
the Canary Island Pine and the Canary Island Date Palm

In Soria there is the Enebro (Sabina) or Spanish Juniper

Does anyone know if Spain has a national tree? If so please leave a comment


  1. What a great bit of research. Thanks for sharing. I'm going to bookmark this as a resource for my landscape classes.

  2. Hiya
    Can you tell me what the tree's are called that have a leaf a bit like a mapel leaf and generally are planted down streets for shade? Would they grow in the UK?
    Thanks Verity

  3. Verity, I believe you are referring to the London Plane tree (Platanus x hispanica) and yes this tree does grow in the UK. - Dan

  4. Spain doesn't clearly have a national tree; as you say, it depends on the region, according to our peculiar variety of landscapes and climates. I'd like you to also mention the typical trees along the Mediterranean coast, such as the Palm Tree (very famous in Elche, Alicante) and the Pine Tree which I would say would be the quintaessential Mediterranean tree. I'm sorry for not knowing their names in Latin. Maybe the cypress would also be worth mentioning...

    Rubén from Valencia, Spain

  5. what is the name of the tree that is nubby in the winter?

  6. If you are referring to the trees that get cut way back (coppicing) then there are several trees that could be "nubby" in winter. The European Ash has a "nubby" trunk after coppicing. The London Plane has "nubby" branches when pruned repeatedly at the same point each year. The Common Horse Chestnut can also be pruned this way to create the nubby effect. I have a post that I called the "Harry Potter tree" about one of these.

  7. hey guys i need to know what Spain state tree is cause i have i project by may or April (cant Remember which one) but anyways we have to do 25 states so please help me thank ya peoples and this is tha queen talking BYE