European Black Pine - Pinus nigra

The European Black Pine tree (Pinus Nigra) is called "Pino Negro" in its native Spain (its native range is actually quite broad and extends from North Africa all across Southern Europe and into Asia. It has relatively small cones as far as pines go. The cones in these pictures were about 6-7 cm long (2 inches). I found the black stripe down the middle of the scales (above) very interesting. These newly opened cones had an almost perfect shape. As they dry and turn more of a grey-brown color this stripe seems to fade.

The image below is of the polen cones.
One of the stand of this tree species that I found was of trees that were quite straight and tall (25 meters, 75 feet). In the vicinity of this tree stand there were numerous Atlas Cedars.
The image below is a detailed drawing of the European Black Pine´s various parts.


  1. It also got some mystical power. This is what my grandma use to say.