Bracelet Honey Myrtle - Melaleuca armillaris

The Bracelet honey myrtle tree (Melaleuca armillaris) is another fine example of an Australian tree that is commonly planted in Southern Spain as an ornamental tree. The tree below is located in the Picasso gardens in the city of Malaga and is about 4 meters in height, which puts it pretty close to this tree species maximum height.
This tree species reminds me a great deal of the Bottlebrush tree and its close cousin the Weeping Bottlebrush whose leaves and flowers are quite similar except that the flowers instead of being a pale yellow are bright red. One distinctive of the Bracelet honey myrtle tree is that its bark peels of in long thin strips as can be seen in the image below.
You can see in the image below how similar the flowers of this tree species are to the Bottlebrush tree flowers both before they unfold and after they are fully formed at the terminal ends of the branches.

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  1. I think that photo 1-3 is Callistemon salignus and the last photo is true Melaleuca armillaris