Pedunculate Oak tree - Quercus robur

The Pedunculate Oak (also called English Oak) is the tree that most people think of when the name Oak tree is mentioned. It is in fact the type species for the genus Quercus (Oak trees). Its native range is very extensive including Most of Europe, Asia Minor and part of North Africa.

The tree that I photographed for this post is located in Spain where the name used is "Carvallo".
I found this tree while on an outing looking for the "Sacred Chestnut of Istan", a tree that is quite famous in the south of Spain. I discovered that the Giant Chestnut was not the only impressive tree in the forest above the town of Istan. In addition to this tree I also found a whole stand of very old Cork Oaks (Quercus suber). Both of these Oak species produce large accorns that are one of the main sources of food for wild and domestic pigs. In fact when I ventured into the stand of old Cork Oaks I flushed out a large wild boar who had been rooting out the fallen accorns.
I don´t know how old this Pedunculate Oak is but judging by its size and by the other trees nearby it must be at least 400 years old if not older.


  1. hi, that's Quercus canariensis, it grows all around the area of Istán, Yunquera, Casares, and its the oak you can find in north Africa as well as other oaks like Q pyrenaica, Q castaneifolia or Q afares. Q robur has little to do with it at all.

  2. exactly, it´s not quercus robur , but in fact quercus canariensis , the leaves of english oak are not so round, and more cuted !