Olive flower inflorescence

The Olive tree´s flower structure (inflorescence) is an interesting example that illustrates the striking similarity between the branch structure and the inflorescence structure.  Just like the arrangement of the leaves on the branch the flower structure is a branched "raceme" panicle that is both opposite an decusatte.  There is one central peduncle (main supporting stalk of the inflorescenc) from which secondary peduncles branch out in opposite (two from each bract in opposing directions) and decusatte (each set of opposite secondary stalks are offset 90 degrees the the ones before and after on the main peduncle.  Furthermore some of these secondary stalks are also branched opposite and decusatte with the pedicels (stalk of the flower itself).  If this all sounds a bit confusing then just observe the images in this post and you will be able to see the similarity between the branch structure (bottom picture) and the flower structure.

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